☀ Summer Holiday 2018

Love a bit of summer… not as much as I love Winter but that goes without saying. Give me a ridiculously oversized jumper and a mug of hot chocolate over a bikini and suntan any day. Be that as it may, I do love my holidays. This year we went to Italy with the whole family- that’s 8 Wilcox’s + my brothers friend, Chris. As a group of 9, we travelled in 3 groups and met in a villa in the beautiful area of Lake Como in Northern Italy. I journaled a lot of the trips and these were the best bits… Enjoy!

01/07/18 – 03/07/18

I love taking the ferry. I really am not a fan of the security stresses and general faffing around when one takes the plane. No, thank you. I’ll stick with a smooth ferry crossing that gets me from A to B, Dover to Calais, home to holiday. Our first night was at Chez Francoise. A classic margarita pizza was our  meal to end the day of travelling. Can’t go wrong. After a nice l’il sleep, we travelled to Guibiasco, Switzerland. The stunning view from our balcony was picturesque. We drove through more mountain ranges to our next equally idyllic destination of Verona, Italy. ♡

03/07/18 – 07/07/18 

Our apartment in Verona was quintessentially Italian with a balcony and colourfully painted exterior. We stayed here for 4 nights in the pink building on the corner. Loved It. We had the excitement of exploring Verona in the most authentic and genuine way thanks to the host, Pietro. Situated in the heart of the city, we spent the 4 days walking around and absorbing Verona with that holiday spirit I LOVE. We were a few minutes walk away from the city centre and the famous Juliet’s house- Casa di Giulietta. I would say this was worth the visit if you arrive there early enough to avoid the tourists that crowd the gates of the 14th century residence. Of course, you can’t go there without a cheeky picture with Juliet Capulet (the statue, obviously) after many people had done so whilst touching the bronze breast of the statue. The legend goes, as google informs me, that your luck with love will turn around. I didn’t bother. So, that was an interesting way to wrap up a great few days in the city of love *cringe*. In all seriousness, Verona is an underrated city in Italy. Though it’s not as famous as Venice or Florence, it is just as captivating with its Italian charm. Anyway, enough waffling…next stop: LAKE COMO and to meet up with the rest of the family! xoxox

07/0718 – 14/07/18 

I had never been to Lake Como, only Lake Garda which I couldn’t really remember- as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before- shocking memory, me. Anyway, from the photographs I had seen from previous trips to the Italian lakes, it did not disappoint . The pictures above fail to do justice to the incredible views. Idyllic. The peace we all sought by simply being outside was what made the holiday so memorable. The day we arrived was an important one for us and for England, actually. Sweden V England- the match that would determine our country’s place in the semi–finals of the World Cup. It was dramatic… to say the least. When Deli Ali scored, Harry ran to the pool and jumped in which, of course, went on my snapchat. What a moment. The score of 2-0 to England put everyone in high spirits for the amazing week ahead of us. We spent our first full day looking around the markets, I added to my holiday haul with a 2019 diary- just had to be done. I never really write in an actual diary. I’m more inclined to grab whatever paper available and scribble down events of a day and then forget about it, typical lyds that. So hopefully I’ll become a bit more organised and consistent with a diary to hand. Also, I’m trying to up my general organisation game next year so here’s hoping a diary will help me with that goal. One of the days we woke up bright and early at 5:50. Yes, you heard right, 5:50… on holiday. To see the sunrise. I was actually really looking forward to this, though my face likely expressed a different emotion given the time of day. Half the group went for a much longer shall we say trek, whereas the group I was in opted for the shorter walk to see the sunrise. Sadly, it was too cloudy to be seen and so pretty much a wasted trip. I got straight back into bed at 7am when we got back. Love that. The rest of the day was productively spent exploring the beautiful towns around the lake- Bellagio and Varenna by a small ferry. Both towns had particular quirks to them, however we all agreed that Varenna was simply stunning. I reckon I took over 100 pictures that day, so the ones included here are a minuscule collection of my favourites from the day. I think you’ve likely gathered that I loved Lake Como. The last day was one of my favourites. Everyone, except mum and dad, went out for a boat ride for a couple of hours. I attempted to steer the boat but i suppose the limited time I spent behind the wheel reflects my skills as driver. I suppose everyone was far safer with someone else navigating around Lake Como, anyway. Although there were many ups and downs along the way- what is a family holiday without the arguments anyway?- we all had an insane holiday in the beautiful location of Lake Como, Italy. ♡

14/07/18 – 18/07/18 

We spent the remainder of the days in France (primarily the Somme region) to visit both WW1 War graves and museums. On one of these days we went to Wilfred Owen’s grave and I read one of the most famous War poems from his collection: Anthem for Doomed Youth. I found this such a poignant moment of the day, reading a poem next to the authors grave, surrounded by fellow soldiers and thus presented as equal. Despite Owen’s notability today, as a soldier of war he was treated with the same respect as his comrades. This was something keenly felt when we visited his grave. We also visited the site of the Battle of Pozières, an animal WW1 memorial and a museum in Albert. I love history, so this was a really lovely and poignant way to conclude the holiday. By the last day, I definitely felt ready to go home. You know when you get to that point of the holiday when you’re just missing home comforts and ready to be back in England. Yes, I can completely believe I am saying this, I started missing England. So, I guess, bye France!

I had a smashing holibobs with the best people. They drive me insane, but I do love my family. In all probability, this was the last holiday we would share with everyone together. For this reason, It was such a special one. Lots of love to my crazy fam and thanks for the memories. xoxo

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