➳ 2018 and my list of goals

2017 is a goner and I couldn’t be happier about that (it wasn’t the best year). Bring on 2018 and all those goals that I set last year. You know the ones you set but then skip January with the classic “I’ll start next month” until you’re saying that on the last day of December. Let’s crack on now… here goes…

Sidenote: I know I’m posting this in April, but I wrote the goals in January when I got my bullet journal, so the updates (in a rather snazzy pink) are whether I’ve succeeded or failed my new year goals.

 believe in myself: It’s such a cliche, I know, but I find myself so easily dissuaded that I can put myself down. I hope that this year is to be a year of confidence.

Update: I’ve been ‘accentuating the positives’ and ‘eliminating the negatives’ this year. I want to properly knuckle down to achieve not only this goal, but my othergoals (in a list that is ever growing) by the end of 2018…Here’s hoping. 

read more: It’s so easy to buy books, but sitting down and reading them is another matter entirely. I really want to expand the genres I read, rather than settling for the ones I feel comfortable with.

Update: I’ve been neither here nor there in terms of picking up more books. I’m in the process of reading Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks, which I am really enjoying, but is part of my wider reading for A level English. I’d like to pick up a book this month simply for pleasure.

write more: I’ve got a journal which I love to jot things down in, but I want to actually write. Whether it’s a short story or a 4 line poem, I want to write more. I always seem to find excuses that I’m too busy or don’t have the time, but really it’s just procrastination.

Update: I have been really happy with achieving this goal! I’ve beenwriting more for personal enjoyment in my journal, diaries and even a few sneaky poems that may feature on the blog!

go out walking: I love a good walk, so why the hell not?

Update: I started this personal goal in January, and I have stuck to it. It’s pretty much the only exercise I do and it makes me feel really refreshed and motivated for the day ahead.

sleep more: My bed ranks pretty highly on my list of favourite things in the world. I love to sleep. I do have, however, a slightly annoying habit of staying awake to, on the spur of the moment, start a Netflix series at 11pm. As you do, right? Hopefully not this year… heres to getting 9 hours shut eye every night.

Update: I have been failing in this goal miserably. Some nights I’ve exceeded 9 hours, others I’ve had little more than 6. Who needs sleep, eh?

eat healthier: This is something I say to myself every year and never really keep to but this year I really want to get that healthy eating lifestyle going strong.

Update: So far (it being April and all), I’d say I’ve done a reasonable job- particularly with cutting down on the biscuits- my guilty pleasure.

A A B in my exams: This is probably the most important goal, so I have no idea why I’ve placed it so near the end. Actually, it’s likely because it stresses me out whenever I think about it. I need these grades to get into my chosen Uni, so let’s smash it with that revision game.

11 thoughts on “➳ 2018 and my list of goals

  1. Fabulous goals and ambitions. Congratulations on achievements so far and keep your eye on the main chance to achieve the others. You can do it. Proud Mum xxx

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